Our Clients

We do business with several reputable resellers of our product. Below are listed a few of our satisfied clients.

Loyaltyworks, having been in the incentive industry for over 30 years, boasts a large and devoted client base. They began using RewardTrax® technology in 2009 to bring clients a large, diverse reward catalog and incentive platforms capable not only of motivating employees, customers, and B2B sales channel partners, but serving as advanced training, marketing and database-building tools.
Stay Metrics is a reward and recognition program provider focused on engaging, training, and retaining employees in the trucking industry. They use RewardTrax® technology to offer branded, configurable recognition programs that improve drivers’ job satisfaction, safety and engagement levels. Their RewardTrax®-powered platform helps trucking firms perform better in various respects, including better paperwork, safety education and useful feedback to the company.
When they were founded in 1994, Incentive Solutions was focused on offering debit card reward programs and incentive travel solutions. As the company grew, they adopted online technology that expanded their services to include sales incentive, sales channel, customer loyalty, online training, safety, employee recognition and health and wellness programs. By using RewardTrax®’s configurable, modular technology and extensive reward catalog, they are able to offer flexible and cost-effective incentive programs capable of meeting complex business needs.